Ishan Liquids

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if the Ayurveda Teas, Syrups and juices are used. We, the Ishan Pharmaceutical, produce the high-quality, affordable liquid products like syrups, juices, oils and teas. Refreshing, delightful and invigorating are words that come to mind after savouring this tea. In the production process, good quality of herbs and extract are utilised.


The factory is equipped with proper manufacturing plant for making of syrups and other liquefied products. A Demineralization Plant is installed in the factory for controlling the TDS and pH level and extracting polished and odourless water. We have separate storage facility of 500-1000 litres and stainless steel tanks for mixing herbs, sugar and other base. For processing herbs (Kara) we have 500 litres Kettles.

To process high end orders automated filling, sealing and labelling machines, made up of stainless steel, are operated by skilled labour who are proficient enough to operate such machines. Our automatic liquid filling machine can fill up within a range of 30 ml to 250 ml with the capacity of filling 15000 bottles per day per shift.

There is a separate wash area where such herbs and extracts are washed rigorously before its usage and separate manufacturing and packing area connected with 304 stainless steel pipes. A proper care is maintained in case of hygiene and cleanliness at each and every stage of the process and every single liquid product is free from human touch till its packing.

Our Teas

  • Ish-Arjuna herbal Tea
  • Activeness Tea
  • Immunity Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Slim Fit tea

Our Syrups

  • Blood Purifiers
  • Cough & Cold
  • Ladies Tonic
  • Memory Boosters
  • Shilajit Syrup

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